Transforming from a corporate to a rainforest CEO, John E. Quinlan discovered – to his surprise – the lessons not only of courage but of empathy and vulnerability. His book, Tau Bada: The Quest and Memoir of a Vulnerable Man, details John’s authentic and gritty experiences that brought new meaning to his understanding of management consulting. The result was wisdom that can be applied to both business and personal relationships. Tau Bada means big white man in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where John, fresh from motorcycling across the American West, achieved a fulfillment far different from the current big-white-man stereotypes.


Vulnerability is an uncommon and underestimated leadership strength


Authentic change is daunting. How do you navigate through fear, mistrust and resistance?


After losing his publicly traded company, John E. Quinlan learned to have courage, be open to change, and embrace vulnerability.


John E. Quinlan is the founder and CEO of Growth Strategies Global LLC, an organization development consulting firm specializing in coaching family-founded and closely held businesses. He has been a founder and chief executive officer of a publicly traded company, a leadership coach, and a management consultant in the United States

After the humiliation of losing his publicly traded company in 1985, he turned to a basic rebuilding tool, his motorcycle. He lit out for the West, following the psychic route familiar in song and story on his quest for self-discovery.

That eventually led him to the woman he would marry and start him on an adventure that included a fishing business, and a coffee collection, processing, logistics and export business with more than 2,300 tribal farmers in the remote rainforest of the Managalas Plateau of Papua New Guinea.

What he learned on his travels over the past 40 years turned into the book Tau Bada The Quest and Memoir of A Vulnerable Man, and gave him the strategies he uses today that make him so successful as an executive leadership coach and consultant.