Founded in 1986 by John E. Quinlan, Growth Strategies Global, L.L.C. provides strategic planning and growth consulting services for executives and business leaders. Our unique approach integrates the following services:

  • Executive Coaching: GSG offers family business counsel through the engagement of qualified and licensed psychologists and organizational development practitioners. The complexities and challenges of family businesses and closely held companies are discussed and understood in a business forum where succession, compensation, inter-personal conflicts, performance and accountability issues are addressed.
  • Family Business Advisory Services: GSG draws on academic achievements and real business experience to collaborate in the personal development of CEOs and their senior members, focusing on role fit and performance, job satisfaction, strategy development and execution.
  • Organizational Change Management: GSG works with clients to enhance results by increasing organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The goal is to improve the client’s competitive edge by injecting an appetite for change into the organization and then applying that focus towards its external environment, utilizing the Alignment Strong model through the formulation, formation, and linkage of 10 integral processes, practices and systems identified in the Vitruvian alignment schematic.
  • Strategic Planning: GSG encourages the development of an adaptive business model and one year strategic plan driven by a defined management team and supporting accountability processes.


Organization Assessment

Strategic Change Management

Executive Coaching

Family Council / Family Charter Development & Maintenance

Leadership & Management Development

Team Building

Strategy Formation and Strategic Planning

Marketing & Sales Function Development

Value Chain Analysis

Integration of Owners, Family Council, and Legal Estate Planning




John E. Quinlan

Founder Growth Strategies Global, L.L.C

Quinlan serves as CEO of GSG. He has designed the firm to operate from a unique philosophy that balances his broad range of experiences in upper management with tested management consulting practices underpinned by behavioral science knowledge.
In addition to organizational change and executive coaching, Quinlan specializes in Progression/Succession Planning, General Management, Organizational Assessment, Total Quality Management (TQM), Management by Objectives (MBO) Value Chain Analysis and Merger Cultural Integration.

Bruce Gibb, PhD

Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Gibb specializes in managing organizational transitions and growth. He focuses on human aspects of an organization through counseling, teambuilding, organization development, and executive and staff training. With experience working in multiple countries, Dr. Gibb also offers a unique perspective in cross-cultural dynamics and developing and managing diversity.
Dr. Gibb is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Michigan Association of Industrial and Organization Psychologists, the Organizational Development Network, and the International Organizational Development Association.

Philip M. Rice, II

Managing Partner and Founder, Legacy Results

Rice draws on his more than 40-year financial services and accounting career to help clients understand and manage their treasury functions, including raising angel capital, venture capital, subordinated debt and traditional bank debt, among others. Rice applies various models including a rolling 13 week cash flow schedule and rolling 12 month projections of financial statements.
Rice is a member of the Michigan Association of CPAs, the American Institute of CPAs, and the Corporate Directors Group and is a Certified Financial Expert as recognized by ExecRank, Inc.

Patrick Mansfield

President, Mansfield Consulting Group LLC

Mansfield applies more than 40 years of experience in providing tax compliance and consulting services to corporate and individual clients. He specializes in working with high net worth individuals and planning for privately owned corporations and their shareholders/employees in both the income tax and estate tax area.
Mansfield is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Colin Horn, PhD

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant

As an organizational development specialist and family systems psychologist, Horn provides expertise in Family Business Consulting. He believes his primary challenge in family business consulting is to successfully separate and protect the integrity of both family relationships and enterprise business goals. Throughout his career, Horn as implemented leadership and organizational alignment initiatives for organizations ranging from the United States military to Fortune 100 Companies and international non-profit organizations in varying cultural settings around the world.

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