John E. Quinlan grew up with privilege in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He worked hard and was enough of a contrarian to succeed as CEO of a publicly traded financial services holding company, where he guided the organization from inception to 300 employees occupying 28 offices in 14 states and $430 million in assets.

Quinlan ended up losing it all. Realizing his relationships were shallow and he didn’t know himself, he left his suburban lifestyle to travel across the U.S. on his motorcycle on a mission of self-discovery and re-invention.

Later, Quinlan met his now wife Fiona. He traveled with her to Papua New Guinea where he formed Java Mama, a certified organic, rainforest alliance coffee exporting business, earning contracts with Volcaffe and Whole Foods. He learned how to be vulnerable and how to turn vulnerability into strength and leadership; but ultimately local greed and vengeance, culminated in an assassination attempt that forced Quinlan to leave the country.

The successes and failures Quinlan has experienced throughout his career play a major role in his operating philosophy. Now, having motored past, fallen through and penetrated so many borders, including within himself, Quinlan has circled back to the corporate world, but with much deeper understanding, truth and wisdom to share. In addition to an adventurer and motorcyclist, Quinlan is now an author, speaker, organization development specialist and executive leadership coach.

Few executive leadership consultants combine the diversity of knowledge and experience to create successful projects for clients.  More than simply years of business acumen, Quinlan brings an understanding of people and cultures that help craft new approaches to old issues.

As CEO of Growth Strategies Global, Quinlan provides strategic business planning and integrated financial, operational and change management services. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Albion College in Michigan and a Master of Science in Organizational Development (MSOD) from the American University, Washington, D.C.