The Family Business is a unique entity that requires strong entrepreneurship, ambitious vision and a sense of urgency; a deep comprehension of strategy, execution and business operations; and a high level of emotional intelligence and business skill. 

Every family firm is unique and there is not a one-size-fits-all model to address the complexities of each organization. Through Growth Strategies Global, John E. Quinlan works with clients to examine whether their issues are succession, professionalism, governance, and/or performance. He further provides insights into the family dynamics through the exploration and understanding of each individual’s Wisdom Life Chart.  

Quinlan provides confidential and sensitive counsel to the family business leader, other family members and non-family individuals involved in the business operations. He helps clients understand the benefits of organizational change and, where necessary, supports the strategic plan for passing the torch to the next generation or successor. He assists the family business to integrate the three fundamental subsystems – Ownership and Governance, Leadership and Management, and Family. How do you know if your family business is balanced? Consider how these questions apply to your business: 

  • Which subsystem is prevailing? Why? 
  • What, if anything, should be done about it? 
  • What subsystem(s) should be developed to keep the total family business system integrated and balanced? 
  • What functions of the business operations are being undermined by the family issues (and vice versa)? 

John E. Quinlan asks potential family business clients to take a deeper look at their organization before discussing what changes they want to achieve. How does your business stack up? Complete The Family Business Assessment. Reflect on your answers, then call John to discuss the assessment.